Falling Angel

I can not hold me in your world
My Life will pass away soon
The one that knows me wouldn't let me go.
Where is the life, which you've been searching for so long
Where is the love, which I gave you in your life for this time.
Where is the hope which I show to you
Please don't let me become your death.


Dark Desire

Where were all of mine were gone, I will never find them.
The Pain and hope will stand till death, take their souls of them.
Fast they were taken from this world, their sorrow was to huge.
To start a new beginning, letting go, let me keep my soul.

Let us better die than living in this wolrd, take my hand, let you led you to the empire.
Give me your soul, I will keep it to the death and for earth is saturated.
Come to me, as fast you can, so he will not find you
but your soul and you are safe with me and I hold you



Let you fall in my dreams, I will take you with me, on my journey to infinity
Fall deep and you will find me in your mind, I will last here for the whole time.
Listen to your heart and don't let me fade, when you find me there, you will find pain too. All the years of pain and hopelessness are ending for me so soon.

How long you will search for me, when you know where you find me
Do you stay in the distance, even if I am your life,
Your dreams get less and your life comes to an end.

Look for me, find me, hold me tight, all the time, hold me tight
Look for me, find me, the time is near, that I'm in your life
Look for me, find me, or the pain, will last forerver
Look for me, find me, the hope will not last forever all the time

Tears will drop down, into the lonelyness
The hope is gone, that you will find me


Erfrohrendes Kind

Das Kind im Leib, voller Angst in den Händen,
nichts als brennender Schmerz, halt ich's fest mit voller Kraft, für uns.
Zieh es raus, zieh es raus
Den Stahl, mir wird zu kalt.
Mir ist kalt, mein Kind wird, sonst erfrieren, lass uns doch gehen.

Nun liegen wir da, auf blut'gen Boden,
das einzig was mich hielt, in dieser Welt, hast mir genommen, für alle Zeit
Erfülltest Glaube und Zweck,
dein Gesicht eingehüllt, deine Hand hielt das Eisenschwert
Deine Hände gebeugt, über meinem Leib, nun erkennst du es, dein Kind in meinem Leib.
Nun zittern deine Hände, gebeugt über meinem Leib, nun erkennst du es , dein Kind in meinem Leib.



I will call your name to find you, looking in the shadows,
And I follow you in the infinity, tto still feel you

Where should I look for you to find you
No light on the earth will show

And I felt your last breath when you lay in my arms
The last warmth which I felt, where your tears on my skin, and I still miss you.


Soul Ripper

Here comes the soulripper

The night sickness took me,
the night pain was so huge
the night I didn't saw my soul in my tears

The night when I saw you
the night I found my soul
In the deepths of my pain where I can find you

You, you are the life, don't look for me here
Ask for me and I will show myself to you.

The day when life comes back
The day pain dissapear
the day I saw my soul in my tears, where are you

The day I'd like to live,
but it didn't come about
The day hope dies in me, now I know who you are.